Friday, January 18, 2008

New Art Titles - January 2008

Welcome Back! Here are some recent art releases. Please let us know if you think we should purchase any of these!
Kristin Weber or David Willis.

500 Tiles: An Inspiring Collection of International Work "Detailed but concise technical information accompanies each remarkable work. No one who spends time with this pageant of ceramic creativity will ever take tiles for granted again." Booklist 1/1&15/08

30,000 Years of Art: The Story of Human Creativity across Time and Space A Library Journal Best Books 2007 selection.

Dan Dailey "Dynamic and spectacular best describe this exquisitely illustrated work of American master glassmaker and artist extraordinaire Dan Dailey" Library Journal 01/08

Goldsworthy, Andy. Enclosure "His lyrical sculptures and bold 'sheep paintings,' collaborations between artist and animal, revitalize the land by drawing on hidden forces, taking measure of time both deep and daily, and exploring the ancient covenant between humankind and nature." Library Journal 12/15/07

Heartney, Eleanor & others. After the Revolution: Women who Transformed Contemporary Art "Enthusiastically recommended for all libraries focusing on art history, gender and cultural studies." Library Journal 12/1/07

Moses, Marcia. Understanding Color: Creative Techniques in Watercolor "In Moses' hands ... the beginner or practiced watercolorist is given a complete course in color, from color theory ... to practical tips for using color ... to capture mood and texture in a watercolor painting." Booklist 12/15/07

O'Kane, Bernard. Treasures of Islam: Artistic Glories of the Muslim World "This affordable book is indispensable for public and academic libraries and collections focusing on art, architecture, and world culture." Library Journal 1/15/07

Sillevis, John. The Baroque World of Fernando Botero A Booklist 2007 Editor's Choice: "The amplitude of Colombian artist Botero's figures embodies his humanitarian concerns and empathy, two of many aspects of his much loved work sensitively explored in this superb volume." Booklist 1/1&15/08